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What to Eat Before and After A Workout

Posted: February 17

As a Weight Watchers Reimagined Coach, I am often asked about eating before and after a workout. Contrary to popular belief, your body needs fuel to workout. Have you ever wondered why marathon runners "carbo-load" the day before they run?!  Your body needs something to burn.
Here are some basic ‘before/after’ guidelines from WebMD:
  • Eat CARBS BEFORE a workout  (at least 1 hour before)
    • Oatmeal
    • Peanut Butter & Jelly
    • Banana
    • Fruit & yogurt smoothie
  • Eat PROTEIN AFTER, to rebuild muscle 
    • Eggs and toast
    • Brown rice
    • Grilled chicken and veggies
    • Whole grain turkey wrap with avocado
For more info about eating before/after exercise check out this WebMD article.
Also, remember to drink plenty of water throughout an hour-long workout to keep your body cool and hydrated. Water helps your muscles work more efficiently during exercise, too!

By: Angie