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6 Week Challenge

 Exercise to Lose & Tone
 Rejuvenate in our Salt Cave
Join us in a Nature Hike

Want a flexible program specifically designed to meet you at your fitness level?

Understand the importance of a coach to support you and keep you accountable.

Want to reduce stress & stay sane through a healthy lifestyle.

Looking for the fun of training in-person in a safe studio going above and beyond -cleaning and distancing protocols.

Daily Activities Include

6:00 am 1/2 Hour Classes
Monday: Plyoga (Intense workout) w/ Danielle

Tuesday: HIIT with Danielle

Wednesday: TRX with Jean

Thursday: HIIT with Jean

When joining this challenge, you will have full access to all the other classes on the schedule.

Other Events & Benefits includes:

  •  One personal 1 hour Pilates Reformer session at your convenient time. 
  •  10 Salt cave visits at your convenient time. Must be used during the 6 week program. 
  •  A Sunday guided hike with yoga and lunch to the Stairway to Heaven. Meet 7:00 am at the studio leave at 7:30 am. The hike will approximately finish at  2 pm. This hike includes light lunch.
  • 1 free Candlelight yoga at studio.  
  • Weekly healthy recipe.
  • Bar snack on Mondays
  • Weight and body measurements will be taken before and after to see your progress.

Value is over $800. Now as a package $699
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Upcoming Events

Partner yoga

Partners/Couples Yoga

Saturday, April 24th
4pm - 5pm

Join us for this heart awakening chakra workshop where you and a partner can flow through a calming practice. With your partner for assistance, you will be able to find added strength, balance, and mobility, while having fun in the process. This is a 75 minute flow, with a meditation and introduction to the practice of partner yoga. Suitable to all levels and mixed level partnerships. Please note: partners will not be assigned so you must book for two people.
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Full moon3

Full Moon Yoga and Meditation 

Sunday, April 25
An experience with very gentle beginner yoga flows with pauses for guided meditation.
Discover the strength of your loving awareness and use it to help you move through various poses with grace and acceptance.

A time to create beauty and mastery. We will take what is ordinary and spin wisdom by looking through the lens of spirit and heart.  Come HOME to Yourself. Becoming intimate in mind, body, & spirit.
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Awakening Crystal Bowl Healing with Ruth

Sunday, May 2
1:00 - 2:00pm

A sound meditation is an immersive, full-body listening experience that uses therapeutic sound vibrations from Crystal Singing Bowls and other sonic instruments to invite deep relaxation to gently nurture your mind, body and soul.