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6-Week Challenge 
 Exercise to Lose & Tone
Rejuvenate in our Salt Cave
Join us in a Nature Hike

Starting date TBA 6am
In this program:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6 am - 7:15 am with Jean, Claudine & (Pat alternating)
  • Circuit training 15 minute warm up jog around the village Green parking lot with a short and long loop option
  • In the studio alternating between TRX, MOTO, hand weights, and cycle
    training with cool down stretch.
Tuesday 6am-7am
  • Barre class with Danielle
Thursday 6am-7am
  •  Stretch and Pilates Reformer with Claudine

Other Events & Benefits Included:
  •  One personal 1 hour Pilates Reformer session with Claudine at your convenient time. 
  •  10 Salt cave visits at your convenient time. Must be used during the 6 week program. 
  •  A Sunday guided hike with yoga and lunch to the Stairway to Heaven July 11th. Meet 7:00 am at the studio leave at 7:30 am. The hike will approximately finish at  2 pm. Valued at $25 for non 6 week program people. This hike includes light lunch.
  • 1 free Candlelight yoga at studio.   June 14th at 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm with Manj. 
  • Weekly healthy recipe.
  • Bar snack on M,W&F
  • Weight and body measurements will be taken before and after to see your progress.


Valued at over $995

Space is limited
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Focused Awareness Course with Celia

Wednesdays: Dates TBA
7:00 - 8:30 pm

Learn training methods to quiet the mental chatter and empower you to go about your daily life in a more positive state of mind.

Personalized, small group classes held in our therapeutic Salt Cave . Classes are suitable for all levels and open to visitors.

  Course is limited to 5 participants  

(For more information go to our blog Daily Cup of Revive)
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Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Brendan

Date TBA
7:30pm - 9:00pm

Join Brendan as he promotes healing through Quartz Crystal Bowl Sound Healing for the mind, body and soul. Sound waves are used as a conduit to amplify divine healing from source energy to transform the individual and create a harmonious state of well being. 
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Candlelight Yoga
With Manj

Date TBA

It’s all about rest, relaxation, slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. This class is designed to relieve tension in the mind and body using a combination of props, essential oils, candlelight and hands on adjustments. 
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