Private Sessions

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Assisted Stretching 

Our instructor, Janine, performs private, one-on-one sessions. This includes 25-minute or 55-minute assisted stretch sessions, designed to fit your personal needs. She communicates throughout your stretch and adjusts according to your comfort level. Wear comfortable gym clothes that do not restrict your mobility.

Stretching can help with flexibility, performance and posture. Our sessions help reduce muscle and joint pain, improve relaxation, and decrease stress.
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Pilates Reformer Private Session 

This workout, targets your unique body and specific goals, and includes a postural analysis. This is a perfect choice for individuals new to Pilates or those interested in deepening their Pilates practice. Pilates Reformer is also therapeutic for those who require a rehabilitative workout.

Our instructors will guide you through the basics while explaining your personalized adjustments. Revive Studios is a judgement-free and body-positive environment. Questions are always welcomed.
Yoga Plus Private Lessons

Private instruction takes Yoga training and technique a step further with individualized one-on-one sessions. Private yoga instruction allows you more control over the pace and direction of the sessions. Whether you're a new mom, a busy business owner, or just looking to sculpt your body, a private session personalizes the workout to your specific skill level goals.

Additionally, working with a private instructor allows you to create a schedule that best suits your individual needs.