Prepping for the Holidays

Can you believe it? December is here and the holiday chaos is among us. Soon we will get to spend time with family members and friends, exchange gifts, imbibe delicious foods and fancy drinks, and our priorities may get a little… altered. 
Don’t worry, REVIVE STUDIOS has your back – continue reading for some ideas on how to not only keep your sanity but to stay on track this holiday season.

1.  Schedule, schedule, schedule! 
Get out your planner. Get your digital calendar up on your phone. Pull up the Group Class Schedule at REVIVE STUDIOS and book your classes. Your mental and physical health will thank you. Classes provide stress relief, camaraderie with other patrons, and will make you feel good before you indulge in your second (or third, no judgment) helping of pumpkin pie.

2.  Hydrate
Fill up your water bottle and make it a priority to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. Dehydration causes too many issues to list; and proper hydration is key to healthy skin and organs, feeling less stress and fatigue, and can help flush out any toxins that you may accumulate throughout the day.

3.  Decompress in our Salt Cave or Infrared Sauna
Does Santa need to be recharged? Tell the Elves you’ll be back and visit our Salt Cave and/or Infrared Sauna. Kick back, relax, and let the relaxing atmosphere take you away to a warm, happy place before returning to the North Pole. You’ll leave rejuvenated and happy! 

4.  Make Holiday Shopping a Breeze
Do yourself a favor - support a small, woman-owned business and purchase a gift card for your loved ones to REVIVE STUDIOS. Forget going to the mall (the parking alone is a headache!) and buying Aunt Karen something she may or may not need. REVIVE STUDIOS covers all your health and wellness bases. Gift cards can be used for group classes, sauna and salt cave visits, massage and stretch sessions, and any products we have in store (CBD beverages, salts, bath & beauty products, etc). 

The holidays don’t have to be burdensome. You don’t have to get too far off track, either. Let REVIVE STUDIOS help you stay healthy, both mentally and physically, and cross some things off your to-do list at the same time. If you purchase a $150 gift card, you will receive a FREE Salt lamp valued at $35 or less! Call us at (973) 527- 3419 to schedule your next visit! 
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