Mat Pilates Versus Pilates Reformer

Although the Pilates Reformer class and the Mat Pilates class both challenge your muscles in similar ways, there are big differences between the two Pilates styles.

Mat Pilates is generally performed on a floor mat. Pilates Reformer uses an apparatus. (Don’t be afraid - the medieval-looking apparatus is user friendly for beginners & our instructors will help you!) This apparatus is a narrow bed with a sliding carriage containing pulleys and straps for your arms and/or legs. Both Pilates Mat & Reformer classes may use props like the Magic Circle, light weights, or a yoga block.

Pilates Reformer stems from Mat Pilates so it is of the upmost importance in either class to exhibit proper form to ensure that you are safely challenging the intended muscles for each given exercise.

While you can perform Mat Pilates exercises on the Reformer and vice versa, the workouts are vastly difference in terms of resistance. In a Pilates Reformer class, resistance is added by using the springs and straps on the reformer apparatus. Resistance can be added to build strength to larger muscle groups, or lower resistance can challenge stabilizing muscles. In a Mat Pilates class, your body mechanics are utilized to apply resistance to the exercises. You will strengthen your muscles by learning how to lengthen the muscles and work from your core outwards.

So, which one should I choose?

Both methods of Pilates will strengthen your powerhouse (core) and improve your posture, agility, breathing, flexibility and overall strength. Regular practice of either Pilates method will allow you to finally obtain the results you have always wanted and more. 

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Any Pilates styles will help strengthen and tone your muscles. It also helps to improve your posture and provides you with much needed balance and flexibility.