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Pilates Reformer Training for Lacrosse Athletes

Posted: February 2

Up Your Game with the Pilates Reformer

Lacrosse training is not like prepping for an exam, students can’t cram it in days before the season starts. Still, there is a way to level the playing field – Pilates Reformer training. Regular workouts on a Reformer can transform key muscle groups faster and more effectively than other exercise methods – and do it more safely, too. 

Build Key Muscle Groups

When it comes to athletic performance, core muscles are the body’s powerhouse. Powerful movements launch from the center of the body out, never from the limbs alone.

The reformer trains many parts and dynamics of the body. It is particularly effective for building strength in the core, back, glutes and thigh muscles. Eccentric muscle contractions are key. This is where a muscle lengthens as it resists a force. Like the long, strong muscles required for lacrosse players.

In lacrosse, core strength can make all the difference in shooting “power” and defensive checks. The versatile Reformer is a great way to work on torque and twisting power for powerful “wind-ups.” It’s also great for increasing leg power and endurance. 

The Amazing Reformer: How it Works 

Teens enjoy new challenges. The reformer provides ample workout options for beginners. Exercises can be done sitting, standing, lying down, pulling straps, pushing the footbar, with additional equipment – in all kinds of variations. Boring routines be gone!

The Reformer offers a combination of resistance and support for the body. Most reformer exercises involve pushing or pulling the sliding carriage that moves by way of a pulley system. The sleek equipment uses springs to add varying degrees of tension and resistance to core workouts and strength exercises.

Adjustable shoulder blocks and a footbar keep practitioners safely in place during exercises. Other reformer parts can be adjusted for differing body sizes and skill levels.

Reformer Workouts: Benefits + Safety

All athletes want to stay in the game, be injury free and improve their performance. Teens are no different. Reformer workouts can benefit teens in significant ways:

• Increase muscle strength
• Improve flexibility
• Build balance & endurance
• Extend greater range of motion
• Improve joint mobility
• Improve posture & body alignment
• Raise core body awareness
• Develop mind-body coordination
• Protect against muscle injuries
• Decrease back & joint pain 

Personalized Fitness Goals 

At Revive, students maximize their workouts when guided by our expert Pilates Reformer instructors. Customized fitness plans, designed by the instructor and Lacrosse Coach, help focus and motivate students to achieve their individualized goals. Our small group classes create a conducive environment for budding athletes. The perfect space to build camaraderie and team spirit.

By: Revive Studios