Pilates & Golf

Posted 7/6/21

Contrary to popular belief, golf and Pilates have a lot in common, and some distinct differences.

Pilates and golf involve the entire body - from twisting your body on a swing, picking up a golf ball, or taking a Reformer or Mat class at Revive Studios, you are strengthening and lengthening every single muscle in your body.

Golf does have the same repetitive movements. Over time, these movements can cause imbalances within the body, particularly in the shoulders, lower back, hips, and legs. Pilates can help to reduce these weakened, overused muscles.
Pilates helps to build muscles throughout your body evenly, elongate the spine and provides better postural stability, strengthens the core and trunk, increases overall strength, balance, and flexibility, increases range of motion for the hips and shoulders for better swing improvement, and improves concentration.

Frank, an active Pilates member at Revive Studios, reports that golfers do not have a tendency to warm-up, which can cause added strain and increase the risk of injuries. (For those of you unafraid to lie a mat down on the green, the Hundred and Saw are exceptional warm-up exercises.) Frank also feels that Pilates helps with the rotational movements necessary for a better golfer’s swing. Pilates allows people of all ages, but especially those over 50, to play without pain and better balance to reduce fall risk both on and off the course.

So, golfers, Pilates will help you turn your bogies into pares.

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