Focus Your Mind, Create New Results
(Focused Awareness)  

Posted: March 27th

Discover the benefits of Focused Awareness,  a transformative meditation practice  designed to bring you more focus, energy and creativity without stress.

When something challenging happens, how do you recover?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after a setback.

In 4 sessions, the Focused Awareness course guides you through the fundamentals of 'resilience meditation.'

As you build resiliency skills, you will cultivate a more balanced response to life challenges. You come to see change as an opportunity for self-reflection, learning and growing.

   Focused Awareness
   sessions provide ... 

  Healing breathing techniques  and meditation practices to integrate your mind, body and behavior in beneficial ways (read more).

Training methods to  quiet the mental chatter  and empower you to go about your daily life in a more positive state of mind.

Personalized, small group classes held in our  therapeutic Salt Cave . Classes are suitable for all levels and open to visitors. 



   Focused Awareness   
   meditation helps you ... 

Create a calmer state of mind
 Cultivate mindfulness
Improve memory & concentration
Discover keys to deep relaxation
Let go of negative thought patterns
 Make positive changes
Lower blood pressure & heart rate
Increase lung capacity & endurance
 Build self-confidence 

Open channels to self-discovery
& self-mastery