What Needs to Be Known About The Corona Virus And Salt Therapy 

Posted on: May 31
The corona virus is a lung and respiratory health issue facing the world’s population.  Dry salt therapy (aka halotherapy, ‘halo’ is Greek for salt) has been researched for the past few decades around the world with very positive results in relieving upper and lower respiratory conditions.  In many countries, it is an approved therapeutic treatment covered by health providers.

According to Dr. Layish, co-director of the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program in Orlando and  medical advisor for the Salt Room Orlando and sits on the board of the Salt Therapy Association, “It is too early to tell what impact halotherapy may have with this strain of the coronavirus, however, this coronavirus does affect the respiratory and lung system and dry salt therapy has shown to provide symptomatic benefit such as in a clinical study we conducted that focused on patients with cystic fibrosis.”  A strong advocate for this complementary therapy, Dr. Layish often recommends his patients to the local Salt Room in Orlando, Florida

Dr. Layish, says “being proactive and taking care of your respiratory system is becoming more important than ever before”.  According to the Salt Therapy Association, dry salt therapy is antimicrobial which kills some microorganisms or stops their growth.

Leo M. Tonkin, Founding Chairman of the Salt Therapy Association and CEO of SALT Chamber, says,
“Halotherapy is provided by sitting in an environment where 99.99% pure-grade sodium chloride is ground by a device called a halogenerator into micron-sized particles that are then dispersed into the room or SALT Booth® as a dry salt aerosol.  This pure dry salt aerosol is then inhaled and penetrates deep into the respiratory system as well as through the surface layers of the skin”.

*As per the Salt Therapy Association article*