Barre and Balance 

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Finding balance is a helpful tool for navigating the real world.

As we age, our balance decreases. Missteps happen (especially during the winter months when ice can be an issue). Falls may occur. Losing your footing can be a scary part of aging.

Thankfully, we can try to prevent that through exercise, specifically by taking barre classes.

The beauty of integrating barre classes into your weekly lineup at REVIVE STUDIOS affords you the opportunity to challenge your body through a variety of balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility exercises.

One of our Barre above™ instructors, Danielle Gould, had some feedback on finding balance at the barre. She states, “As a group fitness instructor and occupational therapist working in geriatrics, many of my clients sustained major injuries resulting in surgeries from falls. In my classes I always try to integrate balance training, in addition to visual training of opening and closing the eyes, to promote greater strength and stability in the ankles and feet while promoting greater body awareness.”

Danielle continues, “My clients always laugh when I tell them we are doing ‘fancy footwork’ -- but the mobility of your feet and ankles creates better stability. I love to have my clients perform ankle circles, ankle point, and flex, and toe work including lifting each toe off the floor one at a time, and rolling over the tops of their feet. I love to offer the opportunity for my clients to step away from the barre to really challenge their balance. I have had many barre clients over the years that have told me their balance has really improved from consistently attending classes. One client told me she lost her balance on black ice during the winter and if it wasn’t for barre classes, she would have fallen and potentially broken or fractured her ankle. Barre really tries to help prevent things like that from happening.”

If you are looking to improve your balance, try one of our Barre classes!